Participate in the SEQ Regional Plan and protect the things you love

by Elizabeth Handley

In 1977 Woody Allen said “80 percent of success is showing up”. He isn’t wrong. If you want to influence the outcome, you must participate in the process.

The South East Queensland Regional Plan is being reviewed and the draft plan is due for release for public comment in early October planning/review-of-the-south-east- queensland-regional-plan.html.

The decisions we make now will determine the future environment for your children, your grandchildren and everybody who will live in South East Queensland. Do you want the future to be decided by the development industry, or do you want your welfare and the broader community welfare to be reflected in the Plan?

The more people who show an interest and comment on these State Government planning instruments, the better the resultant legislation will be.

This Plan is used in conjunction with the Planning Bill 2016 and the resultant regulations. Your interests and concerns need to be reflected in this legislation. Do you want quality urban design? Do you want controls on where high rise and industrial developments are located? Do you want some guaranteed greenspace, recreational and community facilities? Do we need to plan for the potential effects of climate change, including flooding? Do youthink there should be protection for aquifers and waterways to ensure a clean water supply and healthy fish stocks? Do you think South East Queensland’s long-term economic future is partly dependant on building communities that people still enjoy living in?

In the future, our State has the potential to move in many directions and we must base our economic future on more than just construction. People’s lives and economic futures rely on getting this planning right for the future.

We have seen the effect poor planning has on infrastructure, traffic and the amenity of residents. As an example, Coronation Drive is virtually at a standstill most mornings and afternoons and yet several high rise apartment towers have been approved in the last year to add to the already highly congested area around Toowong.

This situation is set to be exacerbated by a further 555 units on the old ABC site right at the narrow chokepoint entrance to Coronation Drive. There has been no increase in infrastructure, community facilities and greenspace has reduced over the years and the sewerage is still turning up in Perrin Park after heavy rain. Maybe we need to be a bit smarter. The same planning methodologies threaten the middle ring suburbs as these are next on the developer’s agenda.

Please take the time to comment and make suggestions on the Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan when it is released. The big interstate developers will be making lots of comments, so why don’t you have a say as well in the interest of the future and a happier, healthier and more prosperous community for everybody.

Get involved for a better Brisbane.

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